Important Notes for Vendors

The CVGMs applications open yearly. Returning vendor applications open the beginning of February. New Vendor applications open in the middle of February.  It is free to apply. We will review the list and contact you when we have an opening. Vendors are limited by category, if we have room in your category we will contact you. If you are interested, feel free to apply. Not everyone will be contacted, but your name will remain on our list.
Applications close at 5 p.m. on March 31st. Applications will not be accepted after the 31st.  If there is room for more vendors later in the season a wait list will be opened June 1.
 All vendors must reapply every year.



  • All vendors MUST have an application submitted March 31 — applications will not be accepted “day of” market
  • All vendors are required to pay booth fees prior to setting up
  • All vendors need to sign up to help at market
  • Application fees can be paid after the vendor has been approved. Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis.


Application for Food Vendors

Application for All Other Vendors