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The CVGMs applications open yearly. Returning vendor applications open the beginning of February. New Vendor applications open in the middle of February.  It is free to apply. We will review the list and contact you when we have an opening. Vendors are limited by category, if we have room in your category we will contact you. If you are interested, feel free to apply. Not everyone will be contacted, but your name will remain on our list.
Applications applications close at 5 p.m. on March 31st. Applications will not be accepted after the 31st.  If there is room for more vendors later in the season a wait list will be opened June 1.
 All vendors must reapply every year.


Hello vendors!   We will, again, be at the historic courthouse in downtown Logan, this season. We hope that your business has benefited from this location.  We are looking forward to a great season and hope to have all of your continued support.

The Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market has the right to place limits on, and close any categories, that have met the need of our current market.

New produce and Agricultural vendors, will be accepted on an ‘as needed’ basis. First priority will be given to applicants closest to the current market location. Also considered, will be the markets’ present need for particular items, not currently being offered.

All vendors, who apply and are not accepted at this time, will be kept on our waiting list.

At this time, the CVGM does not accept vendors applying under House Bill 181.

Information for Food Vendors (Please Read!)

  1. Not all applicants for Food Vending with be accepted, check with market management for more information about vending at market.
  2. Due to limited space for food vendors priority will be given to applicants utilizing fresh produce from CVGM.
  3. Applications must be filed by March 31.
  4. Market does not make change, be prepared.
  5. Vendor vehicles must be moved as close to 1st West as possible after unloading. See Parking Information for fees and specific information.
  6. All vendors are required to read emails from the market manager (this will benefit everyone).
  7. Management reserves the right not to accept vendors based on overabundance, overcrowding, and repetition of products.
  8. There will be No electrical outlets available to vendors (generators MUST BE extremely quiet and accepted by the board on a case-by-case basis)
  9. All vendors should pick up any trash surrounding their area

A Few Rules for Food Vendors:

  1. On-site cooking vendors will have a $40 per week booth fee.
  2. Food vendors must have tarps and fire extinguishers approved by the Logan City fire chief.
  3. You Must select dates you plan to attend. Please be specific.
  4. In accordance with Logan City’s one-use plastic ruling. We are ruling out the use of Styrofoam containers. Please reduce waste, where possible.

It is important for you to read the guidelines each year as prices and policies may change from year to year.  You won’t be able to proceed with your application until you verify you have done this.  You won’t be able to pay fees until you have been formally accepted. 

Here’s our online application:

After your application has been approved, you can pay your booth fees.

STEPS for Applying Online:

Step 1 – Guidelines:

Read the Guidelines (you will be asked to verify you have done this later).


Step 2 – Apply:

Applications for the market are now open.

Online Application

Step 3 – Application Fee:

Application fees can be paid after the vendor has been approved. Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Pay application fee (you will do this as part of the online application process, payment is secure through PayPal)
See the specific fees listed below.

Step 4 – Get Accepted:

You may choose to pay booth fees for specific weeks at this time or pay later.

Step 5 – Pay your fees:

Return and login to your profile where you can pay fees through PayPal.
Click here to pay fees

Types of Vendors, Applications and Fees

A nonrefundable application fee is required to be paid in full before full acceptance at the Market.

Returning Vendor – By March 31st due date: $30. After due date: $55.

New Vendor – Before April 5th due date: $40. After due date: $70.

Product Daily Seasonal One time
Craft vendor (see definition below) $  20.00 X X
Craft vendor – half booth $  10.00 X X
Produce vendor (see definition below) $  15.00 $  360.00 X
Produce – half booth $  10.00 X X
Hot food vendor $ 40.00 X X
Hot food vendor – with addon $  70.00 X X
Specialty Vendor $  35.00 X X
Application fee – non profit vendor X X $  10.00
Late fee penalty $    5.00 X X
Application fee – existing vendor X X $    30.00
Application fee – new  vendor X X $    40.00



The Market is a combination of the following Categories: (Online fees above)

Farmer/Grower, Plants, Flowers – category for non-taxable, raw, unprocessed produce, plants and flora raised within 50 miles of CVGM (199 North Main Street). Also includes frozen meat, honey, dairy, and eggs. No reselling is allowed; products must be raised on the applicant’s farm.

Arts and Crafts, Mixed Produce, Non-hot, bakery and Packaged Food – taxable food category. Also includes jams, cereals, bottled goods etc.

Hot food – Prepared food vendors cook and serve on site for immediate consumption. Fire Department spacing.

Junior Vendor – Daily – (oldest child under 12) or (over 12 and under 16)  Send email to sign up.

Specialty/Visiting Vendor: By invitation only. See Market Manager.

Truck Vendor: Produce vendors who bring single types of produce such as corn, melons, pumpkins, squash, peaches, apples, etc. By invitation only. See Market Manager.

New Vendor Program fees (fees not refundable after May 7)
“New Vendor” Program – New non-produce will only be accepted into CVGM on a trial basis. New Vendors MUST personally attend market – no substitutes allowed. This program replaces vendors being juried. At the end of the block period, the CVGM Advisory and Management Committees will decide if the new vendor can continue to attend. Being in the new vendor program one season does not guarantee automatic acceptance as a weekly vendor the following season.

Four Week Approval – Yearly Application Fee plus – “Monthly” fees for your category:

Half space sites  – assigned by Market Management for smaller vendors or older children. No Canopies allowed. Email us for info.

Payment is due by 3 pm – Thursday before Market. All pre-paid vendors missing the Thursday 3 pm cut off will no longer be assigned a space. No Saturday walk-ins accepted.

You should receive a placement email by 7 pm on Friday.

Online application

Vendors may also pay by check and send to:

Cache Valley Gardeners Market
P.O. Box 3832
Logan, Utah 84323