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Johnson Family Farms

All vegetable crops ever

With Over 50 different vegetable, fruits and herbs you will get a great variety of fresh and wholesome produce every week.  Ask about their CSAs!

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First Frost Farm

Certified Organic Produce

We have been certified Organic by the state of Utah since 2002 and are expanding every year to meet an increasing local demand for quality organic produce. We strive to offer the freshest and highest quality organic produce to our customers in Northern Utah.

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The Utah Wood Guy

Wood Artisan

Look for these unique artisan creations: Segmented salt and pepper shakers, segmented antique and modern pepper grinders, spatulas, spoons, wood rolling pins, wood cutting boards, paper towel holders, bowls, napkin holders, coasters, decorative eggs, chalice cups, rings, necklaces, and earrings.